Timothy Harfield, PhD

I am a Sr. Director of Product Marketing for Intelligent Automation at Pegasystems with specific domain expertise in the areas of digital transformation, hyperautomation, citizen development, and artificial intelligence.

Prior to pivoting into product marketing in 2016, I worked variously in university administration (student success), as a scholar in residence (learning analytics), and as a university instructor (Philosophy, Sociology). My scholarly interests are at the intersection of humanism, social theory, and computing. My PhD is in Philosophy from Emory University.

Together with my wife, Elisa Wallace, and our to dogs I run a 60 acre horse farm in Reddick, Florida. There was a time when I claimed to be proficient at a number of musical instruments (especially guitar) and I’m working on being able to legitimately claim that again soon.


The Occasions of Community

Giambattista Vico and the Concept of Society


Teaching the unteachable: on the compatibility of learning analytics and humane education (2014, Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Learning Analytics And Knowledge)

Exposing Humanism: Prudence, Ingenium, and the Politics of the Posthuman (2013, Journal of Historical Sociology)

Patterns in Blackboard Learn tool use: Five course design archetypes (2016, Blackboard)

Student interest & patterns in learning analytics notifications (2016, Blackboard)

The Monster Without: Red Dragon, the Cleft-Lip, and the Politics of Recognition (2010)

The Art of MEMORIA: Vico, Bacon, and the Frontispiece to the New Science (2006, Thesis)