This Week in Learning Analytics (January 10 – 16, 2015)

On February 20, 2015 The Southeast Educational Data Symposium (SEEDS) will bring together administrators, researchers, and instructors to share how they are making use of educational data to foster student success, and to generate opportunities for ongoing collaboration in the Southeast region of the United States.
On February 20, 2015 The Southeast Educational Data Symposium (SEEDS) will bring together administrators, researchers, and instructors to share how they are making use of educational data to foster student success, and to generate opportunities for ongoing collaboration.



12 January 2015
Obama Announces New Laws to Ensure Student Privacy

On Monday, 12 January 2015, American President Barak Obama announced the details of the proposed Student Data Privacy Act. Modeled after California’s Student Online Personal Information Protection Act (SOPIPA), the federal act aims to ensure that data collected in the educational context is used for educational purposes only. The significance of this announcement is that it effectively takes student privacy legislation out of the hands of state governments in order to guarantee consistency from state-to-state. During his announcement, President Obama also praised those companies who had already signed the Student Privacy Pledge. Notably absent from the list of pledge signatories, of course, is Google, whose position continues to be that signing such a pledge is unnecessary, since its own policies already demonstrate a commitment to student privacy.

Higher Education

16 January 2015
Texarkana College Foundation Wins Grant to License Analytics Solution from Civitas Learning

The Texarkana College Foundation has accepted a grant of worth nearly $200,000 from the Texas Pioneer Foundation. The grant will allow Tarkana College, Northeast Texas Community College, and Kilgore College to license and implement a predictive analytics solution from Civitas Learning.

SOURCE: Texas Pioneer Foundation Presents Check for $179,600 to Texarkana College for Student Success Software


15 January 2015
Study of Corporate LMS’s Shows that Learning Analytics is Important, but Unsatisfactory

Among those from organizations surveyed by Ventana Research, 60% of respondents cite learning management as an important next-generation learning management technology. However, only 37% are satisfied with their current analytics solution.

SOURCE: Ventana Research Unveils Next-Generation Learning Management Benchmark Research

14 January 2015
LAMP Integrated into Jisc Learning Analytics Efforts

Library Analytics and Metrics Project (LAMP) announced this week that it will “move forward as an integral part of the overarching learning analytics R&D efforts of Jisc.” Until now, the LAMP project has been running in parallel with other related activity. Jisc is currently in the process of procuring vendors to contribute to various elements of an open learning analytics solution. With LAMP’s integration, not only is its technology (a dashboard for visualizing library use patterns) assured of being a part of the larger Jisc solution, but its members look forward to supporting the trajectory of the Jisc analytics project more generally.

SOURCE: LAMP to be integrated into Jisc’s Learner and Business Analytics R&D activities

14 January 2015
EDUCAUSE Drops Two Learning Analytics Technologies from its Annual Top Ten List

In contrast to the EDUCAUSE Susan Grajek, explains, the decrease in representation by analytics technologies should in no way indicate a decline in interest. Rather, she explains that “What we’re finding is that institutions are picking up the pace and paying more attention to more technologies. Attention isn’t shifting in the amount of effort, it’s shifting in terms of expanding.”

SOURCE: ‘Inflection Point’ in IT


16 January 2015
Learning Analytics Speaker Series at Emory University

The 2014 – 2015 Learning Analytics Speaker Series at Emory University hosted by the Institute for Quantitative Theory and Methods aims to stimulate conversations about the use of educational data to promote student success, however that may be conceived.

SOURCE: Learning Analytics Speaker Series at Emory University

16 January 2015
SoLAR Flare Southeast US

The Southeast Educational Data Symposium (SEEDS) will bring together administrators, researchers, and instructors to share how they are making use of educational data to foster student success, and to generate opportunities for ongoing collaboration in the Southeast region of the United States on Friday, February 20, 2015 at the Emory Conference Center in Atlanta, GA.The all-day event will run from 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM EST and include a morning keynote, delivered by Carolyn Rosé (Carnegie Mellon University), followed by panel discussions and lunch-time roundtables.

SOURCE: SoLAR Flare Southeast US (Emory, 2015)



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Civitas Learning™ National Advisory Board Brings Deep Expertise in Technology, Analytics and Student Success Research

On 20 August 2014, Civitas Learning announced the formation of a ten-member national advisory board, featuring several big names in the learning analytics space, including George Siemens, Linda Baer, and Tristan Denley. The board was created in support of the larger “Million More Mission,” which supports innovation aimed a producing a million more successful students each year. Without a more concrete description of the group’s specific aims, tasks, and responsibilities, the announcement sounds more like hype than anything else.

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