This Week in Learning Analytics: Civitas Adds More Fuel to the Hype Machine


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Civitas Learning™ National Advisory Board Brings Deep Expertise in Technology, Analytics and Student Success Research

On 20 August 2014, Civitas Learning announced the formation of a ten-member national advisory board, featuring several big names in the learning analytics space, including George Siemens, Linda Baer, and Tristan Denley. The board was created in support of the larger “Million More Mission,” which supports innovation aimed a producing a million more successful students each year. Without a more concrete description of the group’s specific aims, tasks, and responsibilities, the announcement sounds more like hype than anything else.

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Google Analytics for Time Behavior Measurement in
Daniel Amo Filvà, María José Casany Guerrero, Marc Alier Forment

The shift to e-learning and online education requires new and different approaches for tracking student performance and behavior. Moodle is currently the leading virtual learning environment in Spain, and a lot of different plugins have appeared to complement the lack of native tools to track the learning process in all its aspects. However, none of these take the temporal dimension as a possible behavior measurement into consideration. In this case study, a new technical and statistical approach to time tracking of students in Moodle will be discussed, so that time as a behavioral aspect can be considered in further assessments. Furthermore, this approach could not only be applied to Moodle, but to all other online virtual learning environments.

Visual Analytics in healthcare education: Exploring novel ways to analyze and represent big data in undergraduate medical education Christos Vaitsis​, Gunnar Nilsson, Nabil Zary

Big data in undergraduate medical education that consist the medical curriculum are beyond human abilities to be perceived and analyzed. The medical curriculum is the main tool used by teachers and directors to plan, design and deliver teaching activities, assessment methods and student evaluation in medical education in a continuous effort to improve it. It remains unexploited mainly for medical education improvement purposes. The emerging research field of Visual Analytics has the advantage to combine data analysis and manipulation techniques, information and knowledge representation, and human cognitive strength to perceive and recognize visual patterns. Nevertheless, there is lack of findings reporting use and benefits of Visual Analytics in medical education. […]

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